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UMI - Introspection Live Show ✨ ((Quantum Love))

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I hope you enjoyed our set ♡ im sending you my love and healing~ Stream Introspection EP: ~a speical thanks to @Grubhub for this opportunity ~ thank you for supporting art 💓 Follow UMI: Instagram: Twitter: Website: mgmt:, _____________ Drums by Aisha Keys by Sarah Guitar by Mia arrangment by umi, mia, sarah, and aisha Directed by joce Creative Direction by umi and joce Shot by Luke Sargent AC Dimitri Tzoytzoyrakos Mixed by Jimmy Girard house by the artist Shawn Button Produced by joce and umi _____________ Set List: [Meditation] -Introspection -Open Up -Butterfly -Breathe -Happy Again -Mother -Just Friends (Cover) [Meditation] -Where I Wander -Remember Me -This Universe -Pretty Girl hi!

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