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The Main Squeeze - Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson (COVER)

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Lessons with the Squeeze! :: Text us @ 847-349-4323 - Say hi and we'll try to answer! PS we'll never spam, but we will let you know when we're playing a show in your city :) Corey Frye - Vocals (@fryezwiththat) Maximillian - Guitar (@maxamillionpictures) Smiley - Keys (@smilehighmusic) Rob Walker - Bass (@j_walkin513) Reuben Gingrich - Drums (@reubengingrich) The Main Squeeze IG - @instasqueeze Facebook - Spotify: Twitter - @mainsqueezeme Tour Dates - Website - Recorded at Esplanade Studios in New Orleans Audio mixed by Reuben Gingrich at Reubotech Studios Mastered by Steve Corrao Video produced by ABIS Productions Directed and edited by Sam Radutzky Camera Operators: Sam Radutzky Hunter Holder Robert Vernier

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