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I Say A Little Prayer - Aretha Franklin - FUNK cover featuring Kenton Chen

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Ok, here’s the deal: we buy a lot of our gear from It turns out that they have an affiliate program - every time someone clicks on the link below and buys something, Scary Pockets actually gets paid a small affiliate fee. So we hope that the gear list below not only gives you a sense of the equipment we use to make music, but that it actually helps Scary Pockets build a sustainable business as well. That said, ENJOY:

Drums: 1964 Ludwig Gold Sparkle 
Bass: 2013 Sean Hurley Fender Custom Shop
Guitar: Fano Jm6, Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty
Keys: 1974 Wurlitzer 200
Amps: 1960’s Kalamazoo Two, 1953 Fender Tweed Deluxe, Aguilar 750,1964 Fender Princeton Reverb, 

Vocal: AEA KU5a 
Kick: RE-20 
Snr: KU5a
OH: Cascade Fathead
Guitar: Beyerdynamic M160, AEA N22

DIs: Radial, Noble
Preamps: Vintech 473, Great River MP2-NV, UA 710-d
Interface: UA Apollo X8

Official Website: 
Stories Channel: 
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Lead vocal: Kenton Chen 
BGVs: Rett Madison, Jessie Payo, Dannielle Deandrea 
Guitar 1: Ryan Lerman 
Guitar 2: Bruno Major
Keys: Jack Conte 
Drums: Rob Humphreys 
Bass: Sean Hurley 

Recording Engineer: Caleb Parker
Mixing/Mastering: Caleb Parker
Video: Ricky Chavez

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About Scary Pockets 
We are Scary Pockets, a funk band that releases weekly music videos, in pursuit of the funk. Scary Pockets is Ryan Lerman and Jack Conte, with the help and support from a rotating roster of the best session musicians in the LA area. Make sure to subscribe and enable ALL notifications! 

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