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Gardening Is Gangsta - Official Music Video

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"Gardening Is Gangsta" (Official Music Video) featuring Kung Fu Master Sifu Paul Davis.

Directed by: Jose Najar with Najar Media.
Featuring: John Bush, Catherine Bleish, Michael Sovereign Germanow, Cristabel Gonzales, and their beautiful children.
Rubi Macedo in the garden of eden scene, Emilio Chronis
Mike Soto, Johnny Ray in "The Deal" scene
Special thanks to my uncle Ray Felan "Triple OG" for letting me use his lowrider cadillac in the shoot.
Song was recorded by Street Educated Productions Aaron Combs, beat by Boz Boz
Filmed at Chicano Park, Fiesta Gardens, and the Germanow "off the grid" farm/ residence.
Special thanks to all who were involved that made this the most awesome video shoot ever! Now help me share it on all 4 corners of the Earth! Help me save the world!!! #GardeningIsGangsta #GrowYourOwnFood #BeYourOwnMaster


[intro] Master Mark

Yeahhhhh! What's the damn deal? It's ya man Master Mark! I'm out here holdin it down in the garden with my sovereign homie Paul Davis! Out here slangin these veggies, nomtombout! Livin off the land! Bout to show yall what bein a real gangsta's all about, ya feel me?!

I don't rely on no food stamps
Cuz every season I'm harvestin some new plants
It got me feelin like gardening is gangsta (gangsta, gangsta)
Gardening is gangsta, yeah
I can't trust my own government
So I got off my hamster wheel and got off the grid
It got me feelin like sovereign is gangsta (gangsta, gangsta)
Sovereign is gangsta, yeah

[Verse 1] Master Mark

Gardening is gangsta, my arch rival's monsanto
I'm searchin for the city of gold, like el dorado
But you ain't gonna find it livin in no city condo
So it's time to get off the grid, exit the matrix pronto!
Grow some cilantro, detox and alkalize
Stop using fluoride, detoxify your mind's eye
That's your pineal gland, I hope you understand
It's a war on for your mind, and we're losin bad!
By we I mean the people, our government is evil
They make nature illegal but they steady killin people
With drone attacks on foreign soil
They've managed to get us all dependent on foreign oil
It's time for a change! That's what Obama said
But the biggest change I've seen so far is just a mountain of debt
And if our leaders are liars then why the hell do we need em?
How could you stay obedient and claim that you love freedom?!
It's time to take living life to a whole 'nother level
And stop cooperating with the system of the devil
Grow your own food like the garden of eden
Then you'll understand what it means to be free men


[Verse 2] Paul Davis

I be that gardenin gangsta in my hood
If I grow it then you know it's already good
Chicken egg slangin, compost always bangin
Top grade green understood
Fresh juice sippin, wood handle grippin
Always on point with that water never slippin
Givin love to the people that I meet
Movin vegetables, it's goin down in the street (it's goin down!)
I get a serious high when I put my hands in the dirt
Sun in the sky giving life, watchin God work
When I rise, give thanks and praise
All power to the people til the end of my days
Gardens and farms in every city in the nation
Grow our own food and raise up off the plantation
Rep your hood, love your hood, nurture your hood
Stand up, shine light, live right!

[Hook] x2

[Outro] Paul Davis

Let's teach the youth the truth and show them what to do with it! We can't rely on anyone to take care of us but us, nom sayin? Be your brother's keeper, your sister's keeper. ~One Love~


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