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-El Chalo- | Flamenco, encuentro con los Gitanos Españoles | Albaicín, Granada

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Los Gitanos del Albaicín, Granada
ARTE - Los Gitanos de Granada - os quiero! ❤️
con El Chalo (guitarra) y sus amigos

0:00 - 1.11 por soleá
1:15 - 1:45 por bulerías
1:45 hasta el fin: por tangos; "yo soy gitano"

grabado 2008, benjamin de las fuentes

"I watched and re-watched this video. The lighting, the subdued colors, the tune of Solea, the cigarette hanging off Chalo’s mouth, the rugged hands of the cantaor, Chalo’s faded tattoo, the assembly of the men who seem to have naturally and effortlessly come together, the white leather shoes of the man who looks like a Sicilian mafia with a taste for Paco Peña......all combine really well to capture the mood.
I especially enjoyed the part where in Chalo's rustic guitar you can see the cypress trees and the surrounding scenery and the part where you can see the tapping of the cantaor’s leather shoes on the cobblestones."

Golsa Zeiarati, USA

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