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RISK Documental 2017 - About MENDAX |JulianAssange| of WIKILEAKS

While we play in the street - the audience goes crazy

Still Loving You - Cover

Iron Maiden (acoustic) - Alexander The Great

Iron Maiden - Dance Of Death (acoustic) - Thomas Zwijsen

Maiden United - Only the Good Die Young

John Petrucci- Purple Rain

Exit Eden - Total Eclipse Of The Heart feat. Rick Altzi (Masterplan) (B...

Fort Apache - El cine del neoliberalismo

El ascenso al poder de figuras como Ronald Reagan o Margaret Thatcher en la década de los ochenta supuso la edad de oro y el afianzamiento del neoliberalismo.

Los Chicago Boys usaron Chile como campo de pruebas, pero fue en Estados Unidos donde se desarrolló y exportó al mundo.

En una época marcada además por la progresiva caída de la URSS (Unión de Repúblicas Socialistas Soviéticas), la propaganda estadounidense tuvo campo libre para inocular su mensaje al mundo. El cine fue, una vez más, su principal altavoz.

No en vano es en esta década donde surgen multitud de películas de acción protagonizadas por héroes solitarios, emprendedores hechos a sí mismos que se toman la justicia por su mano.

En un principio frente a soviéticos y finalmente frente a musulmanes para ir marcando el cambio de “enemigo” que el imperialismo siempre ha necesitado, sea real o imaginario.

En Fort Apache, con una mesa de nivel, analizamos las claves de la cultura neoliberal.


  • Paula Ortiz, directora de cine
  • Andrés Gil, periodista de
  • Pedro Vallín, periodista de La Vanguardia
  • José Manuel Querol, Prof. Literatura UC3M
  • Javier Moreno, doctorado en Comunicación y Crítica de la Cultura
  • Sigfrid Monleón, director de cine.

Koop - Koop Island Blues (OFFICIAL VIDEO) HQ

Koop is Oscar Simonsson & Magnus Zingmark.

When listening to
Koops music it's somehow easy to believe that it's played by a small
orchestra, but in fact the music is based on samples. Thousands of small
clips from records puzzled together into new songs. All the drums,
strings, horn sections and choires are actually sampled! This is a very
time consuming way to make music (it's one of the reasons it takes such
long time to make a koop album), but it's the only way to create the
surreal Koop sound. One thing though, that for sure aren't sampled, is
the vocals. Many singers has blessed the Koop albums with their talent,
and on Koop Islands the singers are : Ane Brun, Yukimi Nagano, Hilde
Louise Asbjornsen, Rob Gallagher and Mikael Sundin. Koop Island Blues is
sung by Ane Brun and is taken from the album "Koop Islands". JF Julian
directed the video in Paris. Starring french actor Mia Jacob.


hello my love
it's getting cold on this island
i'm sad alone
i'm so sad on my own
the truth is
that we were much too young
and now I'm looking for you
or anyone like you

we said goodbye
with a smile on our faces
now you're alone
you're so sad on your own
the truth is
that we run out of time
and now youre looking for me
or anyone like me

INMIGRACIÓN - Análisis por Roy Beck

Sepultura - Dead Embryonic Cells [Under Siege Live In Barcelona 1991]


                                    BLOODBOUND - BANG YOUR HEAD 2017

Bang Your Head 2017 - Slaughter - Real Love

                       BANG YOUR HEAD 2017 - SLAUGHTER - ALEMANIA

JT Coldfire - She's Crazy

Let me tell you story
About a little girl I know
When she walks into a room
You know she steals the show
She's crazy
And it's more than I can stand
I'm just crazy about that woman
And she's just crazy 'bout this man

She wakes me every morning
With that tender lovin' touch
Some fools don't get enough
But she just loves me too much
She's crazy
And it's more than I can stand
I'm just crazy about that woman
And she's just crazy 'bout this man

She always wants me around
But I ain't got time
But you know she got that little ways
To make me change my mind

And it's more than I can stand
I'm just crazy about that woman
And she's just crazy 'bout this man
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Nneka ft. Joss Stone - Babylon - Nigeria

In Nigeria, we met up with an old friend Nneka and sang her song
'Babylon'. With the help of Sweet Sounds, we had a jam on a street
corner of Lagos. If you like what you hear check out Nneka through her
website at

New album, 'Water For Your Soul,' out now!


Ed Sheeran - Shape of You (Cover by Ada)

I love this song! This is a Live take so don't expect perfection.
Just having some fun :)

Speaking of perfection, check out my original song "Perfectly Imperfect" on Spotify/Google Play/Apple Music/SoundCloud!


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“Shape of You” – originally by Ed Sheeran
Written by: Ed Sheeran, Steve Mac & Johnny McDaid
Published by: Sony ATV Music Publishing, Kobalt Music Publishing & Universal Music Publishing

BLOODBOUND - Moria (2016) - Live

BLOODBOUND ESTARA PRESENTE EN EL "BANG YOUR HEAD" DE BALINGEN -                                                                              ALEMANIA

We Dont Talk Anymore - Ari Maione + Dotan Negrin

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Negrin has been traveling around the world with a piano since 2010. His
story begins in New York City where he felt lost and out of touch with
reality. He was tired of working towards other peoples goals and decided
to quit everything to pursue what he loves most, playing piano and
performing, Traveling the world, and meeting people.

Around the World is a place where musicians come together to talk about
Music making from around the world. Join Dotan on his adventures to
explore and discover the unique ways in which people live through music.

Analizando Música de Mierda: Despacito

Alvin Schutmaat dice:

-- Hago un análisis jocoso de #Despacito para entender cómo hacer un hit tan exitoso y hago una versión mejorada de la canción --